Zigi Rauschenberg is a Private Vintage Archive for Fashion and Costumes based in Zurich. It includes pieces from 1870 until 1990 with a specialization in formal wear. 


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Can't Stop Smiling
Ein Porträt von Sarah Widter für den Kulturplatz von SRF 1 im August 2022 über die Liebe zum Sammeln und das Glück der Sammlerin.
Erich Brechbühl, Collectomania, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Zigi Rauschenberg is part of the exhibition Collectomania at the Museum for Gestaltung in Zurich. Collectomania presents collections of very different kinds belonging to private and institutional collectors. With a variety of design pieces and objects from daily life as well as video portraits the exhibition enquires into the social and cultural value of this activity.


24th of June until 8th of January 2023, Toni-Areal, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Vision champêtre et esprit de liberté - Inspiré par Isadora Duncan. photo shooting with BAZ Vintage showing 1920's evening dresses from the archive. 

Our Jean Louis Scherrer Couture Suit in the Swiss Fashion Magazin annabelle from February 2022

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A portrait by Lara Marty for "Gesichter & Geschichten"on SRF 1 about Zigi Rauschenberg and the love for collecting and fashion.

Das Geteilte und Gemeinsame fördern und stärken - Ein Interview mit dem Stiftungsfond Strategiedialog21.

Hungry for Madness / SILK: 

Short film premiere of the video performance with Emma Lou Herrmann with five different vintage and antique Ensembles from Zigi Rauschenberg at the Fashion Revolution Day in Zurich.


Zigi Rauschenberg was started by Sophie Grossmann in 2020 as a private Vintage Archive that includes pieces from the late 19th to the late 20th century. 

As an avid young collector of antique and vintage gowns, her private collection has grown significantly over the last ten years and now includes many rare couture pieces made primarily from natural fibers. Always having been interested in vintage and antique garments, starting with a more practical approach as pieces of wearable art or part of her wardrobe, she started to specialize on formal attire with often having a juxtaposition between ornate and camp. Now the collection also includes historical pieces which are not for wear but exhibition objects in a museal context or study pieces. 

The pieces are available to interested professionals as referential objects in regards to their designs and fabrics and in certain instances can also be booked for fashion shootings or other creative projects.

Textile and Fashion Research 

Native beaded bag, Columbia River Plateau, circa 1870
Silk Set made from a 19th Century Dragon Robe from China for a Costume Ball in Switzerland in 1910

Collection Highlights


We are happy to welcome you for private appointments to our Showroom. Browse through the collection of Zigi Rauschenberg for inspiration and some fashionable fun!