Zigi Rauschenberg is a Private Fashion Archive based in Zurich. It includes pieces from 1870 until 1990 with a specialization in formal wear. 


Zigi Rauschenberg was started by Sophie Grossmann in 2020 as a Private Fashion Archive that includes pieces from 1870 to 1980. Under the same name label Sophie Grossmann produces unique made-to-measure gowns, which use historical fabrics.

As an avid young collector of antique and vintage gowns, her private collection has grown significantly over the last ten years and now includes many rare couture pieces made primarily from natural fibers.
Always having been interested in vintage and antique garments, be it in a museal context as objects in an exhibiton or a more practical approach as pieces of wearable art, she started to specialize on formal attire with often having a juxtaposition between ornate and camp.
The pieces are available to interested professionals as referential objects in regards to their designs and fabrics and in certain instances can also be booked for fashion shootings.

Textile and
Fashion Research

Focus Pieces at the Moment 


Silk Set made from a 19th Century Dragon Robe
from China for a Costume Ball in Switzerland (1910)
Edwardian Silk Evening Dress from 1900-1910 with Embellishments 


Upcoming Projects



Exhibition and Vintage-Sale with Baz Vintage
Launch Young Member Campaign Swiss Textile Collection 


Marketing and Communication Advisement as Board Member for the Swiss Textile Collection 
Archival Collaboration with Costume Designer Janina Ammon